Open-source graphics for scientific charting

NEW - a version of Waterloo that use JavaFX throughout is now available for Java 8+. See the waterlooFX web pages here

Waterloo Scientific Graphics provides a programming library for creating scientific charts in Java and related languages such as Groovy and Scala. Waterloo can also be used from any environment that provides access to a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) such as Ruby (using JRuby), MATLAB , Python, R and SciLab .

  • Platform-independent "write-once, run-anywhere" scripting using the same scripts for graphics in the JVM e.g. via MATLAB , Python, R and SciLab .
  • Fully customizable charts: colors, line styles, fonts etc. are all user selectable
  • Customised containers for grids/lattice-works of graphs
  • Fully interactive charts with built-in mouse support
  • Built-in "click-and-edit" support
  • Publication-quality output to vector-based graphics formats for printing (e.g. PDF, SVG)
  • Deploy-to-web feature providing automatic generation of HTML/CSS/JavaScript using SVG , HTML5 Canvas or Processing
  • Fully serializable to XML using the standard Java Bean encoder/decoder
  • Pure Java core library that is byte-code compatible with Java 5 through 8

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3.

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