GraphExplorer is a small stand-alone application that provides a viewer for Waterloo graphics files.

It also automatically establishes a Py4J gateway connection on Port 25333 allowing Waterloo graphics to be used from Python.

This is an experimental program being used to prototype some Waterloo classes but provides users with an embedded Groovy Console as well as the graphics viewer.

Some of the menus of the standard Groovy Console have been redirected to support Waterloo files, but others remain unchanged and can be used to manage the java class path.

Running GraphExplorer as a stand-alone application

The ZIP-file distribution on Waterloo includes GraphExplorer as the "top-level" project.

Script files to invoke the file in Windows, Linux and Mac can can found under the "../waterloo/Waterloo_Java_Library/scripts" folder.

The META-INF data for GraphExplorer.jar contains all that is needed to load Waterloo's modules. Dependent libraries are in the "../waterloo/Waterloo_Java_Library/GraphExplorer/dist/lib" folder.