Java-only Build

A Java only build of Project Waterloo is available from the project download site.

The simplest way to create an up-to-date Java-only build of Waterloo and omit Groovy dependencies is to build the kcl-waterloo-base.jar file in NetBeans using the sources from the Git repository.

The "" folder contains all the code as a set of NetBeans projects. Keep the folder structure intact as relative addressing is used to locate the relevant files and automate building the project.

Third-party dependencies such as SwingX are all in the "..Sources/Java/ThirdPartyDependencies" folder.
Required items will be copied to the "../kcl-waterloo-base/dist/lib" folder as required when building with the NetBeans IDE.

For the Version 1.1 release of Waterloo, the NetBeans configuration has been set to build all modules in the correct sequence if the "Build Projects on ClassPath" check box is selected in the Properties for each module.

To build:

  1. Open the top-level project in Netbeans: typically GraphExplorer or kcl-waterloo-base
  2. Right-click on the project and choose "Open Required Projects"
  3. Right-click on the top-level project and choose "Clean and Build".
If you intend to use the GPL extensions (kcl-waterloo-gpl.jar), these should be built last and need to be added to the classpath independently.

Building the kcl-waterloo-base project will create a Java-only build with:

  • kcl-waterloo-base.jar in the "../kcl-waterloo-base/dist" subfolder
  • all dependencies in the "../kcl-waterloo-base/dist/lib" folder

together with appropriate META-INF in kcl-waterloo-base.jar.