While the Waterloo graphics code is Java-based, some MATLAB classes are defined to make their use easier from MATLAB code.

GXGraphicObject is the superclass for objects than can have plots added to them.

Subclasses that inherit from this superclass are:

  • GXGraph - the main graphic element for Waterloo plots. GXGraphs will normally be part of a GXFigure.
  • GXPlot - the main plot class. GXPlots act as wrappers for the different plot types
  • wwrap - a generic wrapper that allows any Java object to become the target for adding a plot. The wrapped object must of course support this in its Java code.
In addition, you can create a "null" GXGraphicObject by calling
That can occasionally be useful to force MATLAB to call the GXGraphicObject methods instead of the standard MATLAB plotting functions.