Waterloo file format

Waterloo uses an XML format to save graphs to file. The complete state of the graph is serialized using the standard Java bean encoder that ships as part of the Java Virtual Machine. As a result, no third-party plug-ins are required.

Saving graphs

Individual graphs can be saved by double-clicking on them and selecting the Save File button from the Graph Editor (see right).

The XML file will be given a ".kclf" extension (or kclf.gz if gzip compressed which they are by default).

For details of the file content, refer to the Java documentation.

Saving and loading MATLAB figures

MATLAB figure windows containing Waterloo graphics can not be saved as standard MATLAB .fig files. Attempting to do that e.g. using the File -> Save As menu will throw to exceptions.

Waterloo changes the standard MATLAB figure File -> Save menu to create a ".kclfig" folder.

In fact this is a folder (not a file) that contains:

  • One or more .kclf files (one for each Waterloo graph)
  • A MATLAB .fig file
  • A bitmapped image file (one for each MATLAB axes in the figure)
  • the File -> Open menu in a GXFigure
  • the File Open button in the Graph Editor
to open these files in MATLAB. To open a file programmatically, call one of the GXFigure static methods:
  • GXFigure.load(...)
  • GXFigure.openDialog()