Installing Waterloo in Groovy

As part of a Groovy project
Using the ZIP distribution:


  • ".../waterloo/Waterloo_Java_Library/GraphExplorer/dist/GraphExplorer.jar"
  • the contents of the
    ".../waterloo/Waterloo_Java_Library/GraphExplorer/dist/lib" folder
to the library path for the project.

In an instance of the Groovy Console -

From the console menu, select

Script -> Add Jar(s) to ClassPath

Select all files in the ".../waterloo/Waterloo_Java_Library/GraphExplorer/dist/lib" folder.

All of these will now be available in the console session.


If using the ZIP distribution of Waterloo, you can add only the
file. The META-INF data for this jar file links to all dependencies in the ".../dist/lib" sub-folder.