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BarExtra - Class in kcl.waterloo.graphics.plots2D
Object to support bar charts.
BarExtra() - Constructor for class kcl.waterloo.graphics.plots2D.BarExtra
BarExtra.MODE - Enum in kcl.waterloo.graphics.plots2D
For bar plots, indicates the display mode for multiplexed data.
BarExtra.ORIENTATION - Enum in kcl.waterloo.graphics.plots2D
Orientation for the boxes.
BasePanel - Class in kcl.waterloo.gui
BasePanel() - Constructor for class kcl.waterloo.gui.BasePanel
Create the panel.
BindingManager - Class in kcl.waterloo.serviceproviders
BindingManager(GJEditorInterface) - Constructor for class kcl.waterloo.serviceproviders.BindingManager
boxed(double[]) - Static method in class kcl.waterloo.math.ArrayUtils
bringForward() - Method in class kcl.waterloo.swing.GCGridElement
bringToFront() - Method in class kcl.waterloo.swing.GCGridElement
buffer - Variable in class kcl.waterloo.widget.GJGauge